Power Transmission Belts
Roflex TS
Roulunds Codan Roflex TS Belts Comprehensive range
  • Longer life
  • Reduced Inventory
  • Better Length Stability
  • Uniform Power Transmission
  • Reduced Maintenance requirements
  • Reduced costs
  • ROFLEX RE-X Narrow V Belts
  • ROFLEX TS Narrow V Belts
  • ROFLEX X Classical V Belts
  • ROFLEX TS Classical V Belts
  • ROFLEX Double V Belts
  • ROFLEX VARI- Variable speed V Belts - Industry

Jainson Hydraulic Crimping System
HPCT-20(A) Capacity : up to 300mm, Dies : R-11 to R-16, Weight : 16.500kg.

HPCT-20 (B) Capacity : up to 400mm, Dies : R-11 to R-18, Weight : 17.000kg.

Samrat 16(Plier)
Smart - 16 (Plier)

: 0.5mm to 16mm, Weight : 672 grm.

Other types are also available with differing capacities.


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